10 Mobile Marketing Strategy Tips for Realtors

May 19th, 2015 | Posted by aboblog in Uncategorized

Mobile Marketing is the best way in which you can reach your potential customers. What’s more, most people use the internet on their smart phones. So, by following these few mobile marketing strategies, you can reach those customers who are interested in investing in real estate.


1. Make your website in a responsive format:

Google likes responsive websites. When you make your website in a responsive format, it is more likely to get a better rank on searches. And when your site is mobile friendly, you will be able to increase the amount of traffic to it.


2. Know your audience:

To get customers for your real estate business you first have to understand what they want. As a realtor, you should have a basic idea of what a real estate customer would be looking for and what queries they would have. Accordingly, you can include the same on your website.


3. Try and find the mobile users in your area:

It’s always good to know exactly how many people are online in your area and how many of them are actively searching the internet for real estate.


4. Share your listings with people:

On your website, you can ask people to forward your listings to other mobile users.


5. Be quick in responding:

Many websites and mobile apps have an in-built notification feature which notifies you about active real estate buyers. Respond to such notifications quickly.


6. Build mobile apps:

Mobile apps give a personalized and fast experience to your users. Another benefits is that they are interested in your services, and this clear by the app download.


7. Think like a mobile-user:

Since you too must be using a smartphone, you can come up with more ideas to improve your mobile marketing strategy.


8. Send more messages:

Some people find it annoying when they receive marketing calls. Even if you know a few people who are actively looking for real estate, always send them a message first.


9. Use QR codes:

By using QR codes, you can make it easier for mobile users to connect with you.


10. Remember to disclose other listings:

You can make use of your mobile QR code to even market additional real estate listings located close by.

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