3 Amazing Ways to Make Profit with Your Mobile App

September 17th, 2015 | Posted by aboblog in Uncategorized

You have known the benefit of the mobile app in several ways for your small business. Today, we are going to introduce you less known but amazing features of mobile apps that can be considered to make money for your small business.


Amazing Ways to Make Profit with Your Mobile App


  1. Use the Forms feature to create a monthly promotion\

Every customer loves a good coupon yet they are not involved in deciding which coupon they get. This is something that brings us to our first new profitable strategy. By creating a form each month that features three different types of coupons will put a push notification calling your customers to vote for best one.
In case, you want to try something creative and involve the masses, and then ask your customers to look at your app menu and send their original coupon ideas via forms, open-answer style. Any of these ways will help in customer’s engagement with hyping about redeeming your promotions that will ultimately boost your sales.


  1. Create a win-win scratch card

Scratch card is one of the hottest and newest features in the mobile version of a marketing classic. This can be the best way to get customers into your store to redeem the cards.

It is all about tweaking the customer’s view with your offer. However, winning a prize from a scratch card is all about luck. Therefore, instead of making it winning or losing, market your scratch card as a win-win scenario.


  1. Reach out to other businesses with Web Links

Collaborative reciprocity with other small businesses rather than straight-up cash is also the way to make profit. It means generating your sales indirectly by promoting fellow small business owners (that are not competitors) who will in turn, promote you. Always remember that a customer who walks through the local Laundromat and comes across a promotion in a nearby coffee shop is more likely to stop by there. You have endless options here, and you can refer your app customers to any other small businesses as well by web links. Now, most small business owners use Web Links feature to link to their site and social media channels.


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