3 Reasons why small businesses should make an App

September 15th, 2015 | Posted by aboblog in Uncategorized

3 Reasons why small businesses should make an App



You might think why would a small business need an app? Though the question may be silly if you already have an app and are aware of amazing things that an app can do for your business. There are many small business owners who haven’t discovered how a mobile app can benefit their business.

A survey revealed that existing small business mobile app launchers use the app to improve customer service, to increase sales, and to successfully compete with other businesses. Here is how these three reasons can turn out your small business into a successful one:


To improve customer service


The top most reason shown by the survey is by building an app you can improve customer service. With the help of apps, you can connect with your on-the-go customers and open a direct two-way line of communication. Rewarding your customers with coupons and loyalty programs through your app, can prove the best idea of keeping them coming back for more to you.


To boost sales


The next biggest reason for small businesses to get into the app game is to boost sales. One way firms are increasing sales by giving potential new customers real incentives to download their apps, such as special offers or contests. Another essential element of increasing sales through a mobile app is by being easily accessible and always on the top of mind to your customers.


To successfully compete with other businesses


Lastly, the survey found out that small firms with their created apps have made them compete in the market with other rivals. Given the affordability of DIY solutions, now more and more small firms can build their apps that will help them equalize the playing field with their larger competitors. Mobile apps are also a means to gain visibility in particular markets.


Are these three reasons separate?


Small businesses highly depend on their loyal customers than their larger competitors do. However, all these three goals work together: just like having excellent customer service can drive your sales and thus helping you to fare strongly in a competitive market.


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