5 Critical Tips That Will Help You Get Your Mobile App Noticed And Downloaded

November 29th, 2013 | Posted by aboblog in Uncategorized

The number of apps available in the Apple App and Google Play stores is so huge, and growing so explosively, that more often than not most apps get lost in the pile. But there are a few key ways to help an app get to the top of the heap and discovered and downloaded by mobile users.
In many ways, increasing app visibility is much like developing a paid and organic search campaign, using data on how consumers interact with apps to seek them out to maximize apps’ chances of getting noticed and downloaded.

Here are some of the key techniques for getting your app seen and downloaded:

1. Pay close attention to pricing: Apps that debut at one price and then are discounted show a huge spike in downloads, according to data from Distimo. Another option is “freemium” apps, which are free but consumers pay for other services within the app. These apps generate the most revenue.

2. Categories Matter: In Apple’s App Store, games are by far and away the most popular app category, at 17%, and they make up an even greater share of featured apps. In the Google Play store, personalization apps are the most popular, which allow users to customize their mobile devices.

3.  Don’t Forget About Other App Stores: While Apple and Google account for the vast majority of app downloads, there are many other app stores out there, and these have the advantage of a much less crowded marketplace. Especially in markets like China, placing an app in an alternative app store can help it find a huge audience.
4.  Choose Your App Name Carefully: When choosing an app name, most App Store Optimization (ASO) specialists suggest including specific words to indicate the purpose of your app. Short app names may be detrimental.
5.  Use The Right Keywords In Your App Description: Loading up on keywords in your app’s description can help raise your app to the top of app market search results. Use words that help “trigger” app store algorithms. Some ASO specialists even suggest picking your keywords based on the most-searched terms on Google AdWords.



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