5 Tips on Creating Push Notifications

October 8th, 2015 | Posted by aboblog in Uncategorized

We all are aware that push notifications can be an ultimate user engagement tool. Multiple sources reviewed that 97% of push notifications are read, as opposed to 3-4% for email-based campaigns. With the help of Push notifications, app owners can actually reach out their users based outside the app ecosystem. This will help in making a positive impact on brand awareness and increase future app open rates. Using push notifications in your app will not only fetch great results but also drive traffic to your app.

5 Tips on Creating Push Notifications

Here are 5 amazing tips on how effectively you can use push notifications:

  1. Frequency of your messages: The first rule of push notification marketing is never overdoing it. This rule should be specifically followed if you are sending push notifications for advertising or promotional purposes.
  2. Schedule your push notifications: No one would like to be woken up suddenly in the middle of the night due to the vibrating cell phone, flashy lights and a push message notification. Knowing your target market allows you to schedule and send messages during reasonable hours when engagement is at its highest.
  3. Boost engagement whenever you can: A relevant message is great, but it is even better to create a discussion or interaction within the app which leads to sharing and other benefits. The strategy of using your in-app social network can drive your users towards engagement.
  4. Offer exclusive discounts or deals: Use push notifications to send out great deals or keep your customers updated about ‘What’s new’. You can also use push notifications to inform users about discounts on products you have to offer.
  5. Event reminders and announcements: Sending friendly reminders in the form of push notifications will take only a few moments to set up, but might save your users time to search for the information. Increase your brand’s loyalty by making sure your users have all the latest information at hand.
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