5 Ways for Effective Distribution of Your App

May 26th, 2015 | Posted by aboblog in Uncategorized

Mobile apps have done a great job in operating mobile’s growth as the leading digital platform. A white paper by comScore reveals that app usage makes 52% of total digital media engagement in U.S.

It has been an applauding fact that Apple’s App Store features more than 1.3 million mobile apps according to September 2014 statistics, and Google Play store has a stunning 1.4 million apps.

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As the count of mobile apps increases daily in app stores, developers are facing a big challenge of standing out great in the market. In such a scenario, having a brilliant app idea is a great start in the market. But, a tough marketing and distribution strategy is even more important to sustain success in this field.

Top five marketing and distribution strategies that can make your app stand out are:

Pre-launch Testing

If your app gains popularity like that of Snapchat or angry birds, then test its capability by pre-launching some of its features and preview with strong communities like Hacker News, TechCrunch, and product hunt. These communities can act as a real tool to define the achievement of your app and can also help to increase customers.

Find Your App-eal

It’s important for an app to have a unique quality to survive in the market standing in front of its competitor and the target market.

Creating a Captivating Presence on the App Store

You need to impress the customers with the features and its looks because first impression is always the last impression. If your app is a paid app, then you give them the option of free download for a limited duration. Create a web page for your app with keywords, descriptions and download links. It will define the crafting of your app and will help users to take a correct decision.

Optimize Your App

If you want your app to be successful, people need to find it first. Giving a right and related keyword can improve the chances of spotting or searching.

Pitch it the Right Way

Take advantage of your social presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and various online community. Word of mouth is an old but great way to get customers’ attention. Grab more attention by requesting blogs and news sites to review your app and get feedback from the users.


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