Amazing Ways to Make Web Marketing Strategy Mobile

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Amazing Ways to Make Web Marketing Strategy Mobile


With the rising transition of customers to mobile apps from websites, it has become necessary for online marketers to discover new strategies to put on their existing trading tactics to the mobile.

One out of five people are shifting towards the mobile app at a time in the world. Marketing Charts in U.S. has revealed that total time spent on the mobile apps has exceeded the desktop web access, with an increasing 21% of app viewership.

For the web marketers, these are astounding statistics makes you think about switching to mobile apps. Just as apps use a little diverse set of analytical tools as compared to the websites, a lot of equivalencies among the two turns through the platforms. Here are ways how a modern web marketer’s skill set could be re-applied easily to apps:


The funnel is the best tool to analyze marketing regarding tracking user engagement. It is just like moving a consumer from identifying an app- downloading it- encouraging engagement through its contents, and then carrying out the desired action.

Just like we shift from one end point of the funnel to the other point, a lot of detailed metrics utilized in web marketing transform literally to the app world. Check out some catchy words from web marketing field that defines the funnel and its parts:


It mainly concentrates on metrics that represents the awareness of user’s for an app.

Site Traffic – Downloads: Just like traffic of a site would assist in estimating a website’s SEO, similarly, downloads aid to determine the apps from App Store Optimization along with the fixed figure of people who have installed the app.

Visitors – Users: They are ones who actively used an app. However, they tend to show extra commitment to the website than a newly visited user would show. This supports you to trace user sections and discover broader user’s engagement.

Pageviews – Sessions: It only calculates the time from when a consumer accesses an app and interacts when it is closed.


With the help of metrics, you can evaluate the approach of your users engaging with your app.

Monthly Unique Site Visitors – Monthly Active Users: It enables you to analyze the number of users previously used your app in the last 30 days and also the trends of those users.

Target Audience – User Segments: It sets of user’s group to share relevant features. You can use these groups for customized marketing promotions, and they mostly target within-app strategies like push notifications.

Time on Page – Time on Screen: It measures the duration of each user spending on each page of your app. It enables you to keep the check on where the users are navigating, the time of spending, and from where they are navigating away swiftly.


At the bottom, it appears with a window into all the important alteration or the user’s action taken place within the app. This leads to the eventual conversion and the desired actions of the users.

Conversions – Events: These actions are taken by users within an app that depend on offered features and platforms.

Bounce Rate – Funnel Drop-Off Rate: It estimates the total amount of users entering in one step of adaptation development and escaping without concluding it. You will need to examine the rate at every level of the funnel to recognize the state of your app where it is least and most effective.

Revenue per Visitor – User Lifetime Value (LTV): It gives an evaluation of how much a user is worth during the entire engagement of the app. It can be primarily used as a gauge of revenue that goes further than profits especially through incorporating loyalty of a user and downloads to an app at a time.

Theory in Practice

There are swift and reasonable methods to improve apps and get them into the market for test-firing analytics.

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