App Store Description: 5 Mistakes to Avoid

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After spending hours in creating an amazing app till its perfection, your work is not over yet as it’s time to publish in the stores and show it off to the world. The description is the first thing any user would see about your app. For this, the composition of your app description plays a vital role in the user downloading process. It can be essential for your potential users to decide whether to download your app or not.


5 Mistakes to Avoid While Writing an App Store Description

Here are five mistakes that you must avoid while writing an App Store Description:

  1. Being hasty

If anyone comes across a carelessly written app description, he would surely not want to download it. Writing a description is not just about giving a good reason to download, you also need to pay attention on spelling, grammar, etc. A small error can cause in losing your potential users.

  1. Not getting to the point

By default, an iOS user will only read the first three lines (225 characters) of your description. To read further, they have to click on the “More” button. However, the reader will only take an extra effort if first three lines has interested them. So, get straight to the point and make sure that the most information is clear in the first few words.

  1. Thinking that people know your business as well as you

You know everything about your app as you have created it by spending a lot of time. But, you have to take one step back and remember that others are not as informed as you about your product. You will have to put yourself in the shoes of your audience, and use appropriate terms while writing a description. Keep it simple and convey the most important characteristics of your app by subtly highlighting your selling points.

  1. Neglecting the visuals

Pictures are worth a thousand words, so take advantage of this opportunity. Google Play and Apple provides the option to publish screenshots to illustrate your description. Paying an extra attention to your visuals, by choosing pertinent screenshots can be useful in the user’s decision process.

  1. Forgetting the Calls to Action

At the end, add a call to action to complete the perfect description. A call to action will not cost a lot, but can be more powerful than you think.


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