App Text: the Silent Secret in Your App

September 22nd, 2015 | Posted by aboblog in Uncategorized

Your app talks to your customer when you send them a push notification when they open it to make a reservation and even when they use a digital coupon or loyalty card. Therefore, it becomes necessary to make the most of all these opportunities to talk.


App Text: the Silent Secret in Your App


Adding such features to your app, will make your customers take a particular notice of the spots where you can add text. It is the great opportunity to speak to customers in your own business’s style to make them want to use the app and return to your company again and again. In short, this can lead to an increased sales and loyalty.

Here are the essential things to aim for:

  • Keep a consistent style of a text: Imagine that your favorite customer came in, and you are talking to him or her.
  • Let customers know how much you care about them and you comprehend them: In the end, your app users are your faithful customers, and they should feel the affection.
  • Make your products sound tempting: Achieve this by using precise words that paint a picture. Avoid using general words.

Remember that all this is easier to do because it’s only you who can talk about your business and also knows your customers well.

Here are some examples of app with text that sells:

  1. About Us page: Having a short text on About Us page to show the eagerness and to tell customers what’s exceptional they have to offer you. It is a perfect place to express your success story. For example, who you are, how you started, what encouraged you. It’s a beauty of a small business. If people feel like they know you, they enjoy returning to your store or restaurant.
  1. Loyalty Cards: Loyalty Cards are a great way that led your customers coming back to your business. Make sure that your Loyalty Card’s offer sound exceptional. Make your customers want it! Describe it with graphics and some words that give customers the taste of your business.
  1. Coupon: It always happens that there are just a few words, but it says so much! Coupons tells its customers about the place that will make them feel comfortable, what they will discover, where they will discover etc.
  1. Scheduling: Some businesses have their Scheduling feature simple and to the point. It helps to build a strong relationship with customers. As customers are busy people who want to make appointments rapidly, in retreat, using their mobile app. Sometimes, when it comes to expressing yourself with a word, even fewer words are more.


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