Convert Leads to Sales with Mobile Apps

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99 Must Do Mobile Marketing Tools

Convert Leads to Sales with Mobile Apps

The Agent Mobile Marketing Group would like to offer you a series of 99 Mobile Lead Generating tools that are going to skyrocket your career to the next level. Presenting to you simple steps that every real estate agent should follow to generate stellar leads in this hot market. 

Here is STEP 2: Convert Leads to Sales with Mobile Apps

Are you satisfied with the number of leads you are getting?

Have you noticed that more and more people are using their smartphones to search for real estate listings?

 Do you wonder if you can take advantage of that fact?

 Now you can and the solution is surprisingly cheap!

  So what exactly is this App and what does it do?

 The Real Estate App, which will be branded with your (or your company’s) name, is like a mini-website, but with greater functionality and built-in options for prospective clients to call or email you. You can:

easily integrate everything from IDX, listings, maps, open house dates, YouTube links to your videos and more

  1. have a loan calculator
  2.  have the ability to link to your Facebook and Twitter pages

Sounds great! But how will it help me increase my sales?

  1. information about your App can be emailed to existing client list which would make it easier for them to browse for properties
  2.  your App can be promoted on your own website
  3.  the App will be posted in Apple’s AppStore and Android Market leading to increased visibility among prospective customers
  4.  a big time saver as clients can call or email you directly about a specific home advertised on your App

How easy is it to set up? I have no technical skills!

  1.  information can be uploaded and viewed on your App before spending a penny
  2.  technical skills are not required – our App-in-a-Snap™ wizard will help you
  3.  selection of designs can be chosen from or you can create your own
  4.  AppBuilderOnline will post your App directly to the iTunes App Store

 How much will all this cost?

You will be shocked at what App Builder Online will cost you in order for you to have your own Real Estate App!

  1.  creating an account is FREE
  2.  setup is FREE
  3.  From $29.99 a month for the service

 We’re so confident you will like the App that we will not bind you to a contract – you’re free to cancel at any time!

 With this kind of a deal, you have to admit there’s almost nothing to lose by trying it!

 Don’t wait a minute longer… visit App Builder Online and get started right away!

Sign Up for 30-Day Free Trial

  Get Your OWN Branded App for iPhone,iPad, and Android!

Just enter the promo code when you sign up.Hurry this deal ends soon!  


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