Don’t Stick to Only Google Play or Apple App store for Sales Success!

June 1st, 2015 | Posted by aboblog in Uncategorized

Apps are proven to be one of the best methods for expanding & developing businesses, in order to reach consumers. With the advent of technology, the focus has now shifted from face to face communication to people using mobile phones. Thus, apps are being used as an innovative form of business promotion.

iOS vs. Google Play

Why are apps popular?

Nowadays, businesses do not have to try hard to reach customers. Instead of trying to attract customers to their stores or outlets, businesses can easily reach them via online app stores. People can use apps anywhere and anytime they want. Several studies & surveys show that amount of smartphone/tablet users has notably increased, and they constantly keep checking their smartphones for app updates. Marketing and promotion have become very easy through app stores.

Loyalty Factor

Marketing professionals believe that app users are more likely to become devoted customers towards the brands they choose because of the auto selection mode of apps. The loyalty factor is much more important for small business players. Since large businesses have a financial advantage, they can afford to spend more on marketing and branding. However, small businesses re dependent on the loyalty of their customers to earn profits to earn profits.

Multi –Platform discussion

It’s obvious that letting an app run on multiple platforms will raise its success by increasing its scope. Plus, businesses can engage more customers because of this feature. However, it is not easy to make multi-platform enabled apps as they are expensive. It also increases the existing cut-throat competition.

The Multi-Platform alternative

There is an alternative to the multi-platform feature that is called Jail breaking. However, the cost is quite high for such an upgrade. Also, through jail breaking, you surrender the warranty of your device. So, if you don’t know your device’s technicalities thoroughly, fixing it will become impossible if it crashes.

Time to mix it all

Whether large or small, it is crucial for any business to make the best use of all available opportunities that apps allow. For example, permits users to make numerous apps for any business even if they do not understand coding. What’s more, with the help of this service, you can make an app that will get noticed on a global scenario. This service has been recognized by a lot of businesses across various industries.

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