Essentials of App Marketing – Where to Begin

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Below is a guest post provided by our friends at Dynamic Search. It is a part of our ongoing series bringing you valuable content from around the net, with interesting lessons and insights about the business of building and marketing your business through mobile apps.

The hardest part of developing a new app is not the development or design itself, but the marketing of the app after it has been created. It is not enough to simply publish the app and let it be, no one will know about your app so no one will buy it. It is common for app designers to have a hard time with marketing; especially with their first app.Thankfully there are some easy tips to get you started with successfully marketing your app. The following is some of the most important and useful tips.

Social Networks

Use social network sites to your advantage. Not only can you promote your app on your personal accounts, you can also set up pages just for your app. That way people can find the page, click to like it, and get all the new information as you post it. Make full use of this strategy, set up accounts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and any other site you deem appropriate. With social networks, your app will get shared by far more people than it will in the app store that you use. You can also target potential users by searching for them and then posting a link to the app page on their wall or direct message them. Look for people who will be interested in your specific app, if it is an information app look for people who will need that specific information, if it is a game look for people that have interests similar to your game.


App Store Optimization (ASO) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are very important in the marketing of any mobile app. ASO is the process of improving the ranking of your app in app store searches with excellent titles, well researched keywords, and great descriptions. SEO is the process of improving the ranking of any website or page in search engine results with well-placed keywords. With these two things combined, your app is sure to get plenty of hits and downloads. The importance of using ASO and SEO comes in because no one will buy what they cannot find and without great rankings no one will be able to find your app.


Seek the aid of well-known bloggers to get the word out about your new app. Review sites are a good place to start, if you can get a few review sites to post a good review of your app it will get more attention. Don’t stop there, contact bloggers that are known to write about the type of app you created, whether it is a game, information app, or any other niche, there is bloggers out there that specialize in it. Find them and ask them to check out your app and if they like it, blog about it. Ask friends or relatives with blogs to do a blog about your app. Once it is out there, you will find that it will gain back links time and again as people read about it and try it out.


If you do not feel comfortable marketing your app entirely on your own, there is always the option of hiring an agency. The problem most app designers have with hiring an agency is the cost, which can cut drastically into profit margarine’s. For some hiring an agency is ideal because it takes the worry off of them so that they can better concentrate on designing new features and levels. It is a complete preference as to hiring an agency; there is no right or wrong choice. For some it is a good fit, for others not so much.

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