How do I Submit Android Mobile App in Google Play Store

February 11th, 2016 | Posted by aboblog in Uncategorized

Step 1: Registration

The first step in publishing is to register for Google Play at the Google Play publisher site. The process is relatively straightforward and should only take you a few minutes. If you don’t have account on Google store, please register for a publisher account at Google Play Developer Console. When your registration is verified, you will be notified via email. Google has a one time $25 registration fee which you need to pay before you can upload an app.

Step 2: Classification

If your app has already got a name on Google store, you just need to update information. Otherwise, you will have to choose “Add new application”.


Then you choose your language as default language, choose your app’s name as the title

and upload APK.



Step 3: Store listing

In this step, you need to fill in required information:

  • Title:less than 30 characters
  • Full description: less than 80 characters
  • Short description: less than 4000 characters

Note: In the description, you have to remove words or content that contain sensitive information. Also, you should avoid repeating keywords or Google might reject your android mobile app.


Then, in Graphic Assets, you upload icon, app banner, screen images and screenshots. You should make sure that all the images have the suitable sizes so you need to edit image sizes before you upload into Google store.


You scroll down to enter Categorization section then choose:

  • Type: Application
  • Category: Business


Please enter your website and email address into the blank in Contact Details section and tick on “Not submitting” in Privacy Policy. Then, you click on “Save” to complete step 2.

Step 4: Content Rating

In this step, you will choose level that is compatible with your app content. Normally, people usually choose “Normal” to “Medium” Maturity. If your app contain sensitive content, you should choose “High Maturity”.



Then click on “Save questionnaire”, then “Calculate rating” and finally click on “Apply rating”.


Step 5: Pricing and Distribution

In this section, you need to select all countries or some defined regions where your app will be distributed. Then you scroll down till the end of page and tick on “Content guidelines” and “US export laws’.

You will finish this step by click on “Save”.


Step 6: Publish app

Please note that 4 categories on the left-bar including APK, Store listing, Content rating and Price distribution must turn into green after you finish each category. After completing step 4, you need to choose “Publish your app” on the drop-down on the right corner.


You have now submitted your android mobile app into Google Play Store. Normally, it might takes 1-2 days to get approval from Google. You can check the status of your app in the Publish tap off App Management. Once your app is approved, your customers then can download it directly from app marketplace.

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