How Hyper-Targeting Your Audience to Maximize Your App’s Success

May 12th, 2015 | Posted by aboblog in Uncategorized

Apps can succeed when they serve a niche audience. Starting with small target can be your key to success and result in massive benefits.

It seems like mobile apps are following digital marketing channels, by shifting to personalization, by moving from mass marketing to hyper-targeting. Attitudes are changing as more niche app success stories emerge. Some think these success stories are subjective, but the data differ.

Case Study: Effectiveness of Hyper-Targeting

The Lulu app for Android and iPhone gives women a virtual “brunch table” to share good word about men they know or have seen romantically.

Instead of targeting all women, Lulu released the app and marketed it to women on in two college campuses i.e., Florida State University and the University of Florida. It resulted in 60,000 downloads along with plenty of data usage, helping inform the Lulu’s future product iterations.

Lessons in Hyper-Targeting for Your App


 For marketing your app, learn three most important lessons from the success of Lulu:

1. Start Small

Widespread discovery remains a challenge for many apps. But spending a huge amount on new app for niche can be counted as misuse of funds. So, start small and grow your presence once you understand app usage patterns.

2. Start Young

Consider who your demographic will be in two to four years and target its members, as they’ll be your very own word-of-mouth marketing team. Since Lulu wanted all dating women to use as well as share the app, they targeted future young professionals at large state universities where the girls would graduate, will separate to make their career, and maintain contact with old people through the app.

3. Launch and Learn

Many companies have a hard time launching their minimum viable product. They suffer from the fear whether people will download or like their app as it is. In his situation, Lulu did what more apps should do: launch and learn. Let your users describe about your product through app store reviews and usage data.


How to Hyper-Target

There are many common features that app makers can use to combine hyper-targeting into their existing apps. If you’re mounting a new app using App Builder Online, it should be easy to complete your visualization with following strategies in mind.

Push notifications: Send updates with customer-specific products periodically. Send reminders about denim sales to denim lovers who shop for your jeans, or if you are in real estate business, you can send details about your updated listings to potential buyers.

Keep in mind that customers may fall into several categories when you are hyper-targeting. Keep yourself aware of how many times will you target the user with overlapping campaigns.

While you put your focus on hyper-targeting, App Builder Online can help you build your own app within minutes! We are easy to work with and offer full customer support. Don’t believe it? Find it out for yourself with our free trial.

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