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August 25th, 2014 | Posted by aboblog in App Store

Congratulations Abraham Nissan your app Israel Lotto has been registered with Apple & Android App Store. Just like a Domain Name, App Name in the App Store is unique.

By buying this app you are making an Israel Holy Land Lotto Ticket Membership for 1 year. And getting a free one time lotto ticket.    Weekly Prizes Between $1 Million Dollars and $5 Million dollars.    Take your chance to win in the  Holy Land.      STEPS TO FOLLOW:      Buy a one time Israeli Lotto Yearly Membership Online with this app.    Once you buy the app you will play your lotto numbers for a full year.    if if you want an upgrade in the Israeli Lotto, or to join big collective tickets, or to get assistance in any bet or draw system in Israel, contact us.    To contact us you have to buy the app.      Weekly Prizes Between $1 Million Dollars and $5 Million dollars.      Take your chance to win in the  Holy Land!    Instructions:    1. Buy this App and recommend it to all your friends and contacts. For every recommendation we give you 50% off  in your year membership in the second and third year.  2. Choose your numbers for the Israeli weekly Lotto (6 numbers from 1-37) and one additional number (1-7).  3. By buying this App you get 1 year membership to the Online Israeli Lotto (only with the numbers you choose).  4. Send me your numbers by email.  5. I”ll send you the scanned ticket to your email and the bar code of the weekly ticket.  6. Every Wednesday check the results of the Israeli Lotto.   7. If your Ticket is a winner we will send you an update and a check with the prize.  8. For any upgrade email us or call us to lotto MLM tickets or any bet in sports draws in Israel, contact us.    Privilege info just for app users.    Israel Global  Jerusalem  Jerusalem, Jerusalem Area


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