Learn How To Acquire And Retain App Users

October 15th, 2015 | Posted by aboblog in Uncategorized

                             5 ways to acquire and retain app users


5 ways to acquire and retain app users

Thinking about designing a new mobile app for your business or maybe want to develop the old one? User acquisition and retention are the two crucial business aspects of publishing an app after the development is done. A successful app owner is one who always keeps a close eye on its usability, design, and user experience.  This helps you achieve the goal of earning as many high-quality users as much as possible and retain them till the end.

Here are 5 effective techniques that will help you build your app audience for the growth of business:

  1. Provide Excellent Customer Service

You can ask users for feedback that will help you receive amazing optimization ideas. Be easily accessible to the users so they can reach you, especially if they are encountering any problem while using your app. During solving user’s issues and providing support, there is always a possibility of upsell. The best way to utilize feedback opportunities is by having a “contact us” information within the app to make it even clearer that you are available to your users all the time.

  1. Update your app design regularly

Let you app always look fresh. This will help your users stay engaged, resulting in user’s retention. Avoid going for higher changes in designing of your app. Such major changes should not be done more than once a year, to give new users an opportunity to get habitual to the app itself. You can go on testing new content, typeface, borders, etc. on more regular basis.

  1. Reach out to your app users at the right time

Using push notifications to reach out to your users can be a great idea but make sure that you don’t contact your users at the wrong time. Never over send too many notifications as the user might delete the app rather than dealing with the annoying notification alerts.

  1. Use Giveaways to Build User Retention

Make sure to create Giveaway contest because every app user loves freebies. Use this strategy to maximize your growth and retention. Adding deals or loyalty rewards will make your app much more engaging. It can be a good idea to use push notifications to inform users about the new giveaway taking place.

  1. Keep content fresh and engaging

Always keep your content fresh and relevant. Use content that would benefit your business along with added value in terms of content relevant to your inventory. This will help you to showcase active, engaged users, which will shortly turn into the brand ambassador.

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