Make an App Design That Apple Won’t Be Able to Resist

May 11th, 2015 | Posted by aboblog in Uncategorized

Every app needs a great design to pass through the Apple review process and get published to the iOS store. To get their app presented in a competitive place of Apple, we offer you the resource with a new set of comprehensive guidelines. The most challenging task for the app developers is to get their app approved by the Apple team reviewers. Finding out a solution with the help of an app that could solve problem won’t work if it doesn’t have an attractive face as far as Apple’s concern.

app-store-640iOS Human Interface Guidelines gives directions to the developers to make a UI that helps people recognize and work together with the content, but never compete with it, displays content in distinct layers to convey hierarchy and position, and also uses a lot of negative space.

To make things a bit easier, let’s have a look at important tips for iOS design that will help you to pass through the review board and into the App store:

Of Points and Pixels

 Think in points, but design in pixels. Pixels are those unnoticeable units that make up larger images. The more pixels filled in a display, the more visibly you can see the image, which results in a higher resolution. On the other hand, points are not dependent on resolution. They are just units of space that make up a display. Depending on how closely the pixels are packed on a screen, the number of pixels in one point varies. Thus, know the pixel/point ratio for all resolutions you’re designing on.

Create the Right Icon

 First thing someone notices after downloading the app is your Icon on their home screen. Apple does not provide any template for shapes. So, we can use some private templates available online or let the online app builders do the needful.

Colors for Success

 It’s important to know what kind of colors to use in your app, where to use those, and how the chosen colors will create a continuous involvement for the user.

The more attractive the colors are, the more attractive the icon would be. Icons located at the top or bottom bars of an app need to have two different states – one to depict that the icon represented isn’t being used, and colored icon to show when it is.

Time to Hit the Bars

 Your menu bars that should follow simple rules: the “Back” button should be on the left, the title should be centered, additional menus and options should be placed on the right.


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