Make your app successful with an ultimate promoting guide

September 24th, 2015 | Posted by aboblog in Uncategorized

An app will stand out a successful one only if you could get users to download it. The next step after you have created an amazing app is to get it into the market and start promoting the app. To make your promoting strategy easier, we have this ultimate guide to promote your app.


Make your app successful with an ultimate promoting guide

1- Optimize your app for the app store

Optimizing your app can be very obvious but it can have a great impact on your download results. Selecting an appropriate name, adding the perfect description and icon, and choosing the correct category are a few essential things you must do to optimize your ASO.  App presentation can play a vital role in its success. Have great screenshots and an awesome demo video with some eye-popping images will make the users download your new app.

2 – Bring your website to the game

It is a great way to increase your download stream by combining your app store strategy with a website. Showcase your app on the web page without any limitations. Having a well-designed layout with a great copywriting can maximize the channels with the necessary information for users.

3 – Master your social media

Create your social profiles to extend the reach of your app. It can be a great idea where you can engage with your potential audience on a personal level. In such a way, it can help you increase your brand’s awareness with other potential users.

4 – App reviews and Banners

Getting your app reviewed by blogs and forums from your specific niche can be a great way to generate buzz about your app. Making designed banners and assets can help to integrate with the hosting website and can more likely bring traffic to your download page. Let your potential audience relate to the banners on the website. Get it either on the sites that are already talking about you or other pages that you find interesting.

5 – Invest and get known

Paying to get your app featured on other apps or websites can be a helpful way to boost your traffic and number of downloads. You can even make use of marketing spaces available inside other apps that would generate potential downloaders with brand awareness.

6 – A sky of 5 stars

Build trust among the users with better ratings in the app store. This will help your app rank higher in the search that will lead to more downloads. You should commit to being an enthusiast in resolving issues as you may also get bad reviews. It will give you not only excellent ratings but also a great customer care recognition.


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