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October 29th, 2015 | Posted by aboblog in Uncategorized

It can be a great idea to build an app for Android or iPhone that delivers GPS-based mobile coupons or immediate notifications. Now AppBuilder gives you GPS geofence feature that can send content whenever a customer enters or leaves a pre-defined area. Furthermore, it allows anyone to create an app that can send special offers to customers based on their location.


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Enjoy the amazingly added mobile coupons to build free apps for your businesses. With this app, anyone can create and send coupons, suitable deals, or incentives directly to their loyal customers.

Your customers will receive notification on their iPhone or Android devices whenever they enter or leave a defined area or point of interest. According to that information, businesses can avail offers like mobile coupons or provide the map of the particular area with directions.

To create your app with GPS, all you need to do is, just enter the point of interest details with the desired radius. It gives out options of 100 feet, 300 feet, 500 feet, 1 mile, 2 miles, 5 miles, 10 miles, or 15 miles, and a message for the notification. Then the alerts will be flashed on customer’s devices once they enter the defined zone. One can add unlimited location-based notifications without the need to recompile the app while adding a new one. Make sure that the app is running in the background and not closed.

For instance, if a user allows their phone to trace their location, the app will automatically initiate GPS to define their exact location. When they are near the present location, the app prompts a notification. The iPhone users have a added benefit that their location will be determined by a combination of GPS, Wi-Fi and cell towers, depending on whatever would be available at the time. With AppBuilder, see your businesses growing with the advantage of mobile marketing trend.


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