Quick Guide for Promoting Your App on Social Media

May 28th, 2015 | Posted by aboblog in Uncategorized

Social media has a major role to play for all those who are trying to introduce a new app to varied audiences. Sites like Facebook and Twitter give them a chance to build their audience.

Following are the tips that describe how one can use social media to promote their app:

SOCIAL MEDIAGive High Importance to Social Media

Let the app users like and share their experience on social platforms like Facebook and Twitter. It is a low-investment and a low-effort strategy that helps in spreading awareness of the app to all the users’ social media connections.

Provide Rewards to Current Users

Give your users something extra when they buy your app through social media in the form of bonus of simulated money. In this way, the users would be connected to you, and it would also help you increase your customer base, without having to spend extra bucks.

Spend More Time with Your Social Media Community

A substantial amount of time should be spent every day on your social media community. If you’re using a social media strategy for marketing, then try to hold the followers by keeping them updated with the latest information and news.

Have a Personal Approach

Keeping your tone personal and human instead of formal marketing is more impactful and will give you more positive response. Ask for feedback by being liberal with the audience. This will ensure that your future apps have everything that users want.

Use Tools That Help You Automate

Though social media is the most impactful way to endorse your app, developers cannot broadcast fresh content every day. Tools to automate social activity are a cost effective and easy method. Social media management tool such as Hootsuite, Buffer, Tweepi, etc. allow you to schedule Facebook and Twitter posts in advance.

Provide Value through Your Content

Social media can create end number of new customers, but the most important task is to help users connect with your brand. Uphold the trust of each community member by publishing material which gives them an added value. Video content, image posts, jokes and contests are the highly popular on social media.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ are the kinds of social media platforms which help in effective advertising. However, your app will not be recognized unless you put up quality content and use proper interaction techniques.


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