Rise of Mobile Devices Drops the PC’s Share

September 8th, 2015 | Posted by aboblog in Uncategorized

Since ages, the personal computer served as our window to the world. In this mobile world, equal productivity and connectivity have originated with the progressive internet access on desktops and laptops. The rapid rise of powerful yet connected hand-held devices has set a new standard in terms of convenience that has led the PC’s to go through a struggling period for existence.


Sales Slipping

Wired Magazine presented dramatic drop in the shipments of PC’s that was more than 10% marked in the course of the last year. However, according to eWeek, global smartphone shipments for the most recent quarter tallied a whopping 338 million units. With the improving technologies and mobile devices, there are higher possibilities to see the gap between smartphones and PCs grow wider.


On-the-Go Shopping

The growing prevalence of mobile devices is affecting the overall balance of e-commerce. It is better for firms to focus on both PCs, and mobile platforms, to get the best from the e-commerce success.


There are reasons behind the Google’s and the Facebook’s of the world are investing millions to get their services optimized for mobiles. However, smart companies want to persist relevant to those devices that people are ideally using.


Connect with the Present, Capture the Future

So how do businesses reach today’s plugged-in population? By adjusting their strategies to better suit an increasingly mobile consumer base. Flexibility, ease, and pervasion are the bases of the contemporary communication. There is no better way to meet these criteria’s than by creating your own mobile app.


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